Hilal A. Hussain  Abood
Network Engineer


Place & Date of Birth          
IRAQ 1969
Nationality                              Iraqi
Status                                     Single.
Languages                            Arabic  & English.


1.  M. Sc. Degree in Electronic and communication Engineering,  College of Engineering, Saddam university, Iraq, 1995.

2.  B. Sc. Degree  in Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq, 1991.

 Position Held:

1.  Assistant Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, altahaddy University, Libya, 1998-2000.

2. Assistant Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering BrightStar University of Technology, Libya, 1995- 1997.


Area of Experience:

                    Teaching the following subjects:

1-      Digital Electronics.

2-      Electronics Measurements.

3-      Computer Control.

4-      Power Utilities.


                    Supervision various engineering  projects  of final year projects in

1-      Neural Networks.

2-      Computer Control.

3-      Linear and digital control.

4-      Electronic measurements.


                    Computer Knowledge

                     1.         experience in the following programming languages

                                                    Visual basic 6.0, Java script, assembly and Html.

                     2.         practice with the application programs

                                                    AutoCAD 2002, 3d max 4.0, flash 5.0 and FrontPage.

                     3.         Networking work in building LAN networks and installing the networking operating systems  Window Server 2000.



Member of Iraqi Engineering Union since 1991, as grade (4), and was promoted to grade (3) in 1995.